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La Grande Tapisserie (The Great Tapestry) by Julien des Monstiers, 2013.

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While exploring the internet I came across the top picture which appears to be an underwater waterfall which I thought was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. It turns out this is really just an aerial illusion (see bottom picture) because of sand runoff but I still think it is kind of incredible. Apparently this is off the coast of Mauritius so I feel like I need to add that to my bucketlist now. 



everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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I miss sixth form friends so much. Privilege to spend days goofing off in common room, nights getting merry and holidays getting silly. You wonderful lovely people

could not agree more

i dont know what i’ve done to deserve you after everything but i’ll tell you one thing… my world would be nothing without you.

"And when I touch you, my heart begins to flutter,
‘Cause you’re smooth and creamy like peanut butter."

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til this day, still the best lyric i have ever heard ever

I hate to wish my life away and I know people always say you shouldn’t, but i would give anything to just be settled down right about now… i’m not made out for the bitchy perfectionist designer world. I wanna paint and draw and make things, i want to be passionate about what i do, is that so much to ask?